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Bench Advertising Service 

The most important part of bench advertising is placement. There are several important considerations to be made when you choose your benches:

  • The AADT, or "Average Amount of Daily Traffic."
  • The speed limit (amount of time your ad will be seen)
  • Proximity to a traffic light, or popular intersection
  • The demographics of the area you're targeting.

You want as many people to see your bench advertisement as possible, but you'll also want to make sure that those that see your ad have the potential to become customers.

Our Bench Placement

Our benches are in several municipalities, to help you target your branding efforts and ensure maximum visibility in more than one area. We use data from FDOT to determine AADT, and we employ our years of experience to make sure that your advertising reaches the maximum possible customers for your budget.

Our Environmentally Friendly Benches

We care about the environment as much as you do. That's why all of our benches are made of 100% recycled plastic, each one crafted right here in the United States. Recycled plastic is not only environmentally friendly – it also:

  • Won't rust or peel.
  • Will maintain its shape.
  • Withstands the elements.

These benefits mean that you're advertising on attractive benches that won't ever give the appearance of being cheap. We want to make sure that we're as committed to the environment as we are committed to our customers, and so we chose benches that meet the best of both worlds.

The advertising signs fit perfectly as the back rest. Each advertisement measures 72” X 24”. Benches are also angled toward the roadway slightly to ensure that they receive maximum visibility from passing cars, so drivers and passengers can easily view them as they pass by.

Why Bench Advertising

Bench advertising is simply the best way to get local visibility at a cost that will not hurt your budget. Unlike traditional billboards, bench advertising is easily visible, can be viewed for longer, and doesn't require excellent vision. It's accessible to pedestrians, bikers, and drivers, and it provides you with more space to place any information relevant to consumers. Bench advertisements receive:

  • More time than newspaper ads.
  • More local views than internet marketing.
  • More targeting than television ads.
  • More attention than local radio.

This type of brand marketing in Florida receives more relevant local views for a longer period of time than nearly any other type of marketing tactic, and it provides all of those benefits at a fraction of the cost, with potentially tens of thousands of views every day starting at less than the price of a cup of coffee.

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If you are ready to learn more about bench advertising and Waverly Media or want to learn more about the placement of our benches, contact us today. We're happy to make bench suggestions based on your business, and describe our benches so you can make the best decision for your company. Call now. 

What People Had To Say:
"We started advertising on Waverly's Bus-Benches in 2012 and have enjoyed great response and increase to our electronics repair business."
- Jim Kocmoud, Jimz Fix It
"Bench Advertising really helps people find our business!"
- Pat Snead, Pat's Riverfront Cafe
"My patients comment on my bench signs all the time. It sells!"
- Dr. Joe Battaglia, Battaglia Chiropractic Health Centre
"On the Waverly Bus-Benches, anyone walking, biking, or driving on US1 sees our message. Now THAT's what I call good exposure!"
- Jim Kocmoud, Jimz Fix It
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