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Pasco County Businesses and the Great American Cleanup

If you’re a Pasco County business owner, you know the importance of living and working in a clean, well-maintained community—and, fortunately, so does the county itself.

Every year, on the third Sunday in April, the private nonprofit Keep Pasco Beautiful sponsors the local leg of a nationwide event called the Great American Cleanup. Participants get together and spend a day doing something special for their community, contributing to improved work and living spaces here and across the nation.

Are you interested in doing your part this year? It’s easy to do! Below, we’re sharing how to take part in the Great American Cleanup and looking at ways to improve Pasco County throughout the year.

Join a team and get started

The upcoming cleanup is a great place to get started if you’re looking for ways to make the community more beautiful—and it’s been proven to have a big impact, too. In the four years between 2009 and 2013 alone, volunteers were able to collect more than 113 tons—just above 226,000 pounds—of trash from Pasco streets.

Whether you want to assemble a team with your business or are looking for one to join, this is an experience worth taking part in. You can call the county recycling office to learn more.

Adopt a road

Looking to promote your business while still doing your part to help the environment! Adopt a road! You can symbolically adopt part of the highway by agreeing to the requirements and taking part in regular efforts to keep it clean. Your business, family or charity name will be proudly displayed on a sign that symbolizes your contribution to the community.

Help clean up the Pasco County coast

Every year in September, beachgoers all around the country head to the shore for a different type of beach trip—one that helps our beaches and oceans stay beautiful and pristine. Every year, thousands of Pasco residents come together to take part in this meaningful deed on the 3rd Saturday in September, and you can be one of them!

Recycle your Christmas tree with the county

Once the holidays roll around, you may decide to pick up a tree for your home or office—but knowing what to do with the tree afterward isn’t always clear! Fortunately, Pasco County makes it easy and has a tree recycling program. You can drop off your tree following the holidays at one of several county locations—from there, your tree will be chipped and used to produce mulch for park trails or planters, adding beauty to the community in the process.

We hope that these ideas inspire you to get involved and spruce up your surroundings—and of course, if you’re already doing your part to “make Pasco beautiful,” be sure to let us know how in the comments!

Pasco County Businesses and the Great American Cleanup

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