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Pasco County Bench Advertising: Bettering Your Community

Making an effort to better your community does a lot for the people who live and work around you. But did you know it can also be good for your business? In today’s blog, we will be looking at six ways you can improve your community—and how they can contribute to your small business.

Volunteer to beautify the community

One of the best things you can do for your community (and your business) is to volunteer to beautify the space. Virtually every city or neighborhood—no matter how big or small—could benefit from time and dedication from its residents in making it a more functional, visually appealing area. After all, aren’t customers, both locals and visitors alike, more likely to do business in an area they feel comfortable in?

There are many ways you can spruce up your community, and you can do them on your own or with a group. Pick up trash, join a community cooperative that’s planting flowers, or volunteer to repaint local buildings—whatever it is that you can do! When it comes to community projects like these, you may find that a little bit of effort goes a very long way.

Give back

Find ways to give to those in your community who need help and support the most. This may mean serving meals at a local soup kitchen, assembling baskets at a food bank, or joining a local program that pairs volunteers with community youths or senior citizens, for example. You may be surprised at just how many opportunities there are for giving back close to home!

A community is measured, in large part, by how it treats all of its residents. Try doing your part to address the needs in your community.

Be observant

A healthy community is one where residents are active and observant in maintaining the look, feel and safety of their surroundings—and where they feel comfortable airing concerns or questions.

You can do your part to actively support your community by keeping an eye out for things that need fixing or attention. Downed power lines, faulty traffic lights, debris in the road… these are all examples of things you can take note of and report to local government or the proper services.

Start an initiative

What are you personally passionate about? If there’s a need in your community that you think needs to be addressed, you can start an initiative to respond to that issue.

Taking the initiative to get involved can help you grow as a business in your community—and you may find that many other business owners or residents in the community share similar interests and goals! Whether you want to beautify the roads, help a local charity, or preserve a historical landmark, you have the power to spearhead the movement.

Join a group with common goals and interests

Even if you don’t start one yourself, look for a community group or initiative you can get involved in. This is a great way to solve common community goals while networking with likeminded residents and business owners in your area, which is always a positive thing.

Get involved with local government

As a citizen of Pasco County—or any county, for that matter—you have the ability to get involved with local government, air your concerns and make an impact.
Visit to find out how, and to find other ways you can give back.

Pasco County Bench Advertising: Bettering Your Community

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"Bench Advertising really helps people find our business!"
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"My patients comment on my bench signs all the time. It sells!"
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"On the Waverly Bus-Benches, anyone walking, biking, or driving on US1 sees our message. Now THAT's what I call good exposure!"
- Jim Kocmoud, Jimz Fix It
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