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New Port Richey Business: Supplementing Your Bench Ad Campaign

Is your marketing plan working for you? That’s great! Having a bench ad is the way to go in the world of modern advertising. To help you further boost your business, we’ve put together a few ways to supplement your bench ad campaign and get the most for your dollar.

We’ve all tried different methods of advertising in the past, with varying degrees of success. A business card marketing can go both ways—either very successfully or not-so-great. When you use business cards in tandem with another form advertising, like your own bench ad, you’re able to boost your permanence and name in consumers’ minds. For example, if you hand a potential customer your business card, they might say they recognize it from the bench ad on the crossroads by your business; these connections are what help build your reputation.

Another method of boosting the effectiveness of your bench ad is making a change to the design scheme of your business, restaurant, firm or shop. This can be as simple as making a change to your location’s entry or redesigning the layout of your store. When your bench ad starts to generate more customers, you’ll want the first impression of your business to stick in their minds.

These measures are great, but they don’t work so well alone! If you haven’t already, call us to learn more about getting your own bench ad marketing plan.

New Port Richey Business: Supplementing Your Bench Ad Campaign

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What People Had To Say:
"We started advertising on Waverly's Bus-Benches in 2012 and have enjoyed great response and increase to our electronics repair business."
- Jim Kocmoud, Jimz Fix It
"Bench Advertising really helps people find our business!"
- Pat Snead, Pat's Riverfront Cafe
"My patients comment on my bench signs all the time. It sells!"
- Dr. Joe Battaglia, Battaglia Chiropractic Health Centre
"On the Waverly Bus-Benches, anyone walking, biking, or driving on US1 sees our message. Now THAT's what I call good exposure!"
- Jim Kocmoud, Jimz Fix It
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